Beta Testing Update #5

September 25, 2017

Beta Testing Update #5

We're coming to the end of our Beta Testing phase, but we've got another quick update! 

Alto Starter Kit - We have received a ton of feedback from shops requesting that we offer an entire cold brewing system. We set out on this next step the same way we did with the filters: identify what we hated about the existing systems and make clear improvements.  We wanted to make sure our brew bucket was large so we went with a 7-gallon food-grade plastic bucket, nearly double some traditional brew buckets.  This allows for the use of less filters, more consistent batches and a more streamlined production and cleaning process.  We've created a solution that removes the possibility that two 3.5 gallon batches turn out different, prevents using two filters and eliminates cleaning two buckets. 

After testing dozens of ideas, we've found the best way to drain the grounds with our strainer basket. You'll never have to sit and hold, squeeze or monitor another filter while it drains.  Simply remove the Alto Filter, place the strainer basket in the bucket and set the Alto Filter into the strainer basket.  Get on with your other activities and toss the drained grounds when convenient.  We're proud of what we've come up with in the Alto Starter Kit and Alto Cold Brew Bucket

Amazon - Most shops do not source supplies from Amazon, but free two-day shipping does sound quite nice when they run out and need more immediately!  Three different shops have hit us up in the past month or so requesting one or two-day shipping and the fact is, we cannot come close to competing with Amazon on shipping that quick.  We have averaged around 4-5 days but some shops need them faster. For those shops, we would send you here.

Coffee Fest Portland 2017 - We're stoked to be heading up to Portland for Coffee Fest 2017 in a few weeks!  We have entered the competition for America's Best Cold Brew and cannot wait to get up there and meet the other competitors.  We're working with a local roaster to select a coffee and testing recipes that highlights our favorite aspect of the Alto Filters: bright clean flavor profiles. We love delicate cold brews that break from the traditional heavy, muddy, dull taste of some cold brewed coffee.  We can't wait to share what we like and demonstrate what our filters can do.  This is the next wave in cold brew and we can't be more excited!  

If you're going to be at the event or even in Portland, hit us up! We'd love to meet you.

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