Even though our Alpha Testers gave us amazing feedback and a ton of confidence, it’s hard to know if everyone is genuinely interested or just being nice.  We decided to offer our testers an opportunity to pre-order the filters to validate our idea.

It took us a couple of hours to create the page and we sent a link to all of our Alpha Testers.  We only gave away a few filters to our testers but we ended up with pre-orders for 100x that in a week!

There it is!  That spark that happens when real people commit real money to buy something we’ve created.  It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  We were onto something.  People were experiencing the same problems we were and they liked our solution, but now we had to deliver.  We took the next step and placed the first large order for our new filters.  

We were doing everything for the first time, and everything took longer than we expected.  From refining the product based on the Alpha Tester’s feedback, to finalizing order details, to product creation and shipping it; seemed like everything was taking too long.  We were about to miss the date that we had told our customers to expect their pre-orders, and that was not ok.  

We decided to ship the pre-ordered portion of the  express to ensure they got in on time.  Whatever the cost, these were our customers (our first customers) and we were going to do everything in our power to meet our commitments.  The pre-orders arrived with two days to spare and we delivered them to the shops that week.

Now that we have delivered on our pre-orders, we have a few weeks for the bulk of the filters to come in.  No resting now.  We still have to finish the website, dial in the packaging, figure out shipping details, and a hundred other things before our next phase:  Beta Testing.