Beta Testing

This phase of the product testing cycle begins with a “beta launch” or “soft launch” where the product is released on a limited basis to users to better understand how the product will perform under a wider range of applications. It also allows the company to ensure that they are ready to launch the product to a wider audience.  In exchange for early access to the product, beta-testers are actively involved in reporting issues and providing feedback on the product.

Coffee shops, cafes and restaurants often use a similar approach to opening stores called a “soft opening”.  Our Beta Launch will be nothing like the fanfare tech companies generate and probably not even measure up to your local coffee shop, but here it is:

Alto Cold Brew is officially in the Beta Testing phase! 

We will be targeting specialty coffee shops and roasteries throughout Southern California and reaching out to select coffee shops across the country to send out samples of our revolutionary new commercial cold brew system.

 These samples packs will include:

  • Commercial Cold Brew Filters
  • Food-Grade Cable Ties
  • Batch Labels
  • Alto Cold Brew Guide

More details about the commercial cold brew system can be found here.  We will be following up with each of these beta testers on every aspect of the system and share the results with everyone.  

We love reading about other people’s coffee journeys and pledge to be open and transparent with our own.  How else can people who love cold brew band together to elevate the craft of cold brew unless we share and grow together?

The sample packs are completely free, no strings attached!  We just ask that you test them against your current cold brewing process and provide your honest opinion!