Beta Testing - Update #2

We are rapidly closing in on a hundred beta testers who have been interested in trying out our product in these first few weeks! We have gone to dozens of coffee shops to meet with the owners and baristas who are testing out our filters and trying to learn as much as we can from them.  

Right now we are just testing filters, but our goal is bigger than that. We want to ‘elevate the craft of cold brew’ and look at every aspect of cold brewing from a fresh perspective.  For many shop owners and baristas, cold brew is just another item on their menu. A small piece of the enormous puzzle that is operating a small business but to us, it is our small business.

We want to learn whatever we can and we have continued to receive great feedback.  We hit on this in our last update, but size is an issues that is coming up again and again.  Small shops (our original target market) seem to like our current design because it is flexible enough to handle 3 to 10 pounds of ground coffee per filter.  We have also received a bunch of requests for both smaller and larger sizes.

Smaller Filters

Almost every person we have interacted with has asked us whether or not this type of filter is available in the personal or home size?  Answer - not yet.  We see the vision for home-based cold brew filters and are encouraged by the interest in a smaller option. Seems shops are not the only places where people want great cold brew, a simple process and easy cleanup.  We currently have prototypes of a smaller filter, designed to brew a concentrate with 12oz of coffee and a wide variety of brew ratios.  These are in alpha testing at the moment and we will let you know as soon as they become available for beta testing!

Larger Filters

The bigger surprise to us has been the requests for larger sizes.  Not that we hadn’t considered larger cold brew producers and bottlers, but we kind of figured that their processes were dialed in and didn’t need adjustment.  Wrong!

Everyone who produces cold brew at large-scale were very interested in our current filters and any plans we might have to scale them up to the 50 to 300 gallon range!  We heard a wide variety of issues related to brewing, oil absorption, filtering and cleaning that were magnified by the size of the batch.  Our preliminary tests showed that there is an upper limit to the size of a filter bag for practical reasons (weight, seam and filter strength) and coffee-related reasons (ability to saturate the grounds).  At a certain size they will be too heavy to lift, exceeding the strength of our materials and fail to fully saturate the grounds in the middle of the filter bags. 

We will push the limits of size to see what’s possible.  For now, these testers have been happy using several 10 pound filters. This approach is reducing their costs dramatically and cleaning times by as much as 90% according to some accounts!

This is the feedback we’ve heard and the action we’re taking.  We committed to being transparent throughout this process so here it is.  Please keep testing and commenting, our goal truly is to elevate the craft of cold brew.  We are striving to do just that!