Beta Testing - Update #3

It’s been another two weeks and it’s time for another update!  Our Beta Testing has led to amazing conversations with some incredible coffee professionals sharing their thoughts on our product and their views on cold brew’s growth within specialty coffee.  Please don't hesitate to reach out: via the comments below, email, Instagram or even by phone. We want to hear from more of you!

In Update #1 we shared the excitement and positive feedback we have been getting, along with some of the concerns.  In Update #2 we took a deeper dive into one of the most common comments we received regarding size of the filters themselves.  In Update #3 we tackle comments related to filtration, sediment and body.

Some beta testers found the filtration to be too much:

"The coffee did lose a lot of body due to the filter in comparison to the non alto filter"

"We found more mouthfeel and body out of the Toddy filter while your filter better highlighted the acidity"

Others found the filtration to be not enough:

"My concern was over the sediment left in the coffee"

"The body was incredibly thick and syrupy, which is not necessarily a bad thing"

Still others thought the filters were just right:

"The filter is awesome! I think it's a nice medium between the texture that I get from a Toddy and a metal filter. Visible oil on the surface (which can add flavor/texture) and some undissolved solid in the brew"

What struck us about these comments were that the same filters could produce different results for different people.  We began to wonder what factors can go into the preparation of cold brew that could affect filtration?  

Based on our research and conversations with these beta testers, we narrowed down the list to a few likely factors:

  • Grind Size
  • Agitation
  • Duration
  • Temperature
  • Manual Extraction
  • Roast
  • Coffee

Our next step will be to conduct a series of tests to try and determine the impacts these factors have in the filtration of cold brew with our Alto Commercial Cold Brew Filters.

Stay Tuned!