Filtration Testing - Introduction

Beta Testing Update #3 took a deep dive into filtration and the various factors that influence filtration.  To understand how brewing processes affect the filtration properties of our filters, we have developed tests on each of the following factors:                  

  Alto standard recommendations shown in italics

Alto standard recommendations shown in italics

  1. Grind Size                    
  2. Agitation                     
  3. Duration                      
  4. Temperature                
  5. Manual Extraction        
  6. Roast                
  7. Coffee                

When dialing in your cold brew for a specific coffee you have on hand, consider adjusting Factors 1 through 5.  These factors are relatively straightforward, quantifiable and easy to manipulate.  Factors 6 and 7 on the other hand vary greatly based on variety, origin, processing, roasting, etc.  

We may consider additional testing in the future, but for now we have limited our testing to the factors that anyone can dial in with any coffee or roast.

First we will establish a standard cold brewing process based on our current recommended process. We will then isolate a factor (eg. grind size) and test a range of variables (coarse, medium coarse, medium).  All other factors will remain the same.  The results of each variation will be compared to a baseline to quantify the impact of that variable on the end product.

Measuring filtration is a difficult task. We will be considering factors such as TDS, visual sediment, taste/mouthfeel and additional filtration to see if a paper filter captures any additional fines.  Is there any additional methods that we can use to help quantify filtration or other factors that could impact filtration?

For the next few days, we will share the results from these early tests and encourage an open dialogue.