Beta Testing - Update

The Beta Testing Phase is off to a great start!  We have been in contact with dozens of shops within Southern California and across the country who have signed on to give our filters a try and report back to us what they think.  We are blown away by the response! So far, we have been getting great referrals and introductions from our current testers to new shops and cold brew producers who may also be interested in trying them out.

We developed the current filter offering to target individual shops and small-scale production in the 3 to 8 gallon buckets most of these cafes already have.  This group has been super-encouraging giving us comments such as:

“We tested the filters and loved them.”
“So far my staff loves them.”
“My team said they are so much better!!!”
“Hey these filters are working really really well.  Can we start buying them from you?”

The answer to that questions is easy, YES! They are available on our website for: 

  • $60 per 50-pack
  • Free shipping when you buy 10 packs or more
  • $55 per pack and free shipping when you buy 30 packs or more

Owner's Top Takeaway

Shop owners seem to appreciate the simplicity of the pricing model and the fact that they nearly pay for themselves when you consider the time saved in cleaning their old filters. While 5 minutes to properly rinse, wash, sanitize, dry and store other filters doesn’t seem like a lot of time, it adds up quickly:

5 minutes to wash your old filter * 50 filters = 250 minutes wasted (over 4 hours!)

Factoring the hourly cost of that labor (maybe $15/hour?), these filters may save you enough money in labor alone to pay for themselves!

Employees Top Takeaway

One tester pointed out the benefits of these filters from his employee’s perspective.  They hated the process of cleaning their old filters and the mess it created.  As a result, they dreaded making cold brew.  He said that companies often pay a lot of money to remove major pain points from their employee’s workday and that these filters are also an investment in his staff.  Thanks Jeff! We would not have recognized that additional benefit if we hadn’t have heard back from you.

Some Cons

Whatever your thoughts, please let us know!  We take the good along with the bad:  

  1. Some people noted the switch for them from stainless steel/cotton/mesh would mean that they would have to start buying filters again.  True - these babies will cost you about a buck a filter. Only you can determine if that offsets filter cleaning. 
  2. Others noted that the sizes are not great for the type and quantity of cold brewing they were doing.  True - we'll work on that.   

If you have tried these filters and not gotten back to us yet, please let us know what you think.  For those of you who haven't tried them yet, what are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? Request a free sample pack here and see how they compare to your current process?