Beta Testing Update #4

A lot has happened in the few weeks since Update #3!

Filtration Tests - Given the feedback we received from testers, we created a series of tests to explore the factors that contribute to filtration and TDS.  The tests showed that even when roasted and ground the exact same, a variety of factors can still affect filtration.  By knowing and adjusting these factors, your cold brew can be dialed in to achieve the exact cup you’re looking for.  As with espresso and pour-overs, we concluded that some experimentation is needed when converting from one cold brewing method to another.

Beta Testing Appreciation - We were super-encouraged by the feedback we had been getting from our beta testing group.  These are people who had never heard of us or our product, but were willing to take time out of their day to do a bit of testing and (more importantly) report back to us their findings. As a thank you to these early testers, we offered a steep discount on our filters and had a great number of testers become customers.  So thankful to all of you beta testers and humbled that some believe in us and this product enough to become our customer.

Distributors - We have been approached by some distributors over the past few weeks and are excited to begin exploring what those relationships could look like.  This is all new to us, but the vision these folks are sharing with us about how they see Alto growing in the future is exciting!  We want people who love our product to be able to offer them to their existing customers that we may not know yet.  For our current fans and customers, it provides them new ways to get Alto Filters that may be more convenient than what we can offer.  Win-Win!

Specialty Coffee Events - Even though cold brew has no direct connection to latte art competitions, we have been loving the local TNT’s. The coffee community in Southern California is amazing and people we are meeting are awesome.  This past weekend was fun because the USCC Barista and Brewers Cup Preliminaries were being held nearby and I got a chance to check it out with my 5 year-old daughter.  She got to see some talented women compete and we got to share some great experiences within coffee.

We are working on some pretty awesome things based on feedback we’ve been receiving and can’t wait to begin announcing them.  If you’ve been following along with our blog you may already have some ideas...

We will be announcing all of the details as soon as they are finalized. Stay Tuned!