Filtration - Results

The key takeaway from our most recent round of testing is: filtration depends not only on individual factors, but also how those factors affect one another.

Similar to hot brewing coffee or preparing espresso, there is no perfect ratio or process that can take into account everyone's unique origins, coffees, roasts and grind sizes. Filtration can be further affected by preparation factors such as:                                    

  1. Agitation                     
  2. Duration                      
  3. Temperature                
  4. Manual Extraction                      

This still does not take into account water chemistry, various cold-brewing systems, number of days off roast and personal preference.  One thing that our testing did confirm is that the quality and consistency of our filters are exactly where we expected it to be.  

What is interesting is that beta tester's perspectives on filtration are largely impacted by the system they are currently using: 

  • Tester's using stainless steel, nylon mesh and Filtron-type systems are reporting less body and sediment than they are used to whereas
  • Tester's using paper and Toddy-type systems are often reporting more body and sediment than they are used to

Even these results are not universal.  Ultimately, it seems to come down to personal preferences.  Beyond the distinctly superior process, simplicity and ease of cleaning; testers seem to be basing their impressions on personal preferences.  Some like the clean, bright taste our filters help produce while others gravitate towards the traditional, heavy taste of older systems.

If you haven't already, click here for a bit more information on our filters and to request a free sample to try out for yourself!