Regional Sponsorship: Chicago

Regional Sponsors (limited to two total sponsors) receive the following at a single regional event:

  • 26 high quality social media spotlights by Coffee Fest and Alto Cold Brew:
    • Logo on pre-show proportional video
    • Logo on up to 24 competitor videos
    • Logo on post-show recap video
    • Available for distribution on your own channels as well.

  • Variety of competition area spotlights:
    • Logo on the popup banner
    • Sponsorship announcements to the crowd between competitors
    • 2nd priority to nominate a judge for the competition
    • Space to display on at the competition area
    • Opportunity to participate in a product giveaway to the audience
    • Logo on the competition scoring billboard
    • Logo on the looping video playing in the competition area
  • Second right of refusal on 2023 season sponsorships.

Learn more about the sponsorships here.

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