10) Promote Specialty Cold Brew

March 19, 2018

10) Promote Specialty Cold Brew

Hopefully by now you’re serving cold brew, offering a ton more options, featuring it on tap, launching a growler program, or empowering home cold brewers.  Maybe you’re doing a few of these steps already or maybe you’re doing all this and more.  You’re next step is to help promote specialty cold brew.

Let people know your expanded menu and the reason behind the expansion.  Show them that you are on the cutting edge of specialty cold brew and provide them new and interesting reasons to come in and try something unique.  It is so much more exciting to post about a new cold brew mocktail or share a video of a nitro pour than a plain glass of flat cold brew so take advantage.

Promote it in your shop, with your online customers, with your wholesale accounts, with other shop owners in town and with the specialty cold brew community.  

For so long, coffee in general was so closed off and isolated where every shop held onto recipes and roasts as if they were top secret information.  There was little community and coffee culture was dominated by large national chains and isolated local shops.  It wasn't until these isolated roasters and coffee shops began to open up, build community and share knowledge was specialty coffee was born.

Along with the focus on quality from seed-to-cup, collaboration within the coffee community is a hallmark of the third wave revolution and cold brew should be no different.  To elevate the craft of cold brew beyond its current state, we will need to champion that same dedication to quality and spirit of cooperation.

So get out there and create new drinks, promote cold brew in your own shop, post about other shop's offerings, share cold brew recipes and compete in cold brew events.  There are individual shops all across the country advancing cold brew and we're starting to see a community begin to form. We want to do our part to champion the emerging world of specialty cold brew.

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