Filter Questions

Q. Are Alto filter reusable?
A. Alto filters are very strong and durable, which makes them seem like they are reusable. We don’t recommend reusing them for sanitary purposes and it can negatively affect the taste of the next batch brewed.  Plus cleaning cold brew filters is a huge pain!

Q. How many pounds of coffee grounds can a single filter hold?
A. Each filter can hold up to 10 pounds of dry coffee grounds but most people report brewing with 4 to 7lbs each.

Q. Will Alto filters fit in other cold brew containers?
A. Yes, a single Alto filter is perfect for any size cold brew container from 3 gallons to 10 gallons.

Q. What is I brew in large containers?
A. If you’re brewing in a container larger than 10 gallons, just use multiple filters.  The people cleaning each large batch will thank you! 

Q. Are Alto filters biodegradible?
A. Alto filters are biodegradable but they are not compostable. 

Q. How many filters come in a commercial pack?
A. 50 filters come in a commercial pack.

Process Questions

Q. What grind size should I use for cold brew?
A. Use a coarse grind, about the size of kosher salt.

Q. How many hours do you recommend we steep the cold brew?
A. Depending on the coffee, we let it steep from 12-24 hours at room temperature.

Q. What is hot blooming? 
A. Hot blooming cold brew, is the process in which you pour part of your water hot water (201 degrees) on the coffee grounds to start a hot extraction, then pour the remainder of your water on cold within a minute or two to begin the cold brewing process.

Q. Do you recommend hot blooming? 
A. We definitely recommend this process, we believe it pulls out more flavor and complexity than you can get from cold water alone.