About Us

Matt Bushman and Joey Ruiz founded Alto Cold Brew to help make cold brew better. Alto means high in Spanish; as in high quality and high standards. Every aspect of roasting and preparing hot coffee has been documented and debated down to the degree, gram and second. We want to apply that same level of attention to detail to elevate the craft of cold brew.

As soon as we tried cold brew, we were hooked! We loved the smooth taste, low acidity and simplicity. Matt and Joey successfully pitched a cold brew coffee bottling venture to a local coffee roaster about to sell a pallet of unused bottles. In a short time, Matt’s background in engineering and Joey’s experience running a small business helped us grow bottled cold brew into one of the roaster’s signature offerings.

Reflecting on this time, we were constantly frustrated with traditional cold brewing products and processes. We began to brainstorm ways that we could improve cold brew and shared these ideas with local baristas and coffee shop owners. The incredible feedback we got made it clear that everyone was experiencing the same problems we had, so Alto Cold Brew was born.