The first product launched by ALTO Cold Brew is a revolutionary new type of cold brew filter.  We analyzed every aspect of traditional cold brewing products and re-imagined every feature.


These patent pending commercial filters feature an innovative new filter material that is stronger than nylon mesh and filters better than paper.  We thought outside the box and scoured the globe to find the perfect filter material to meet the unique challenges of cold brewing.  This new filter material has every feature you could hope for in a commercial cold brew filter:

  • Never wash a filter again!
  • Filters the finest sediments
  • Absorbs bitter oils
  • Preserves delicate flavor profiles
  • Easily holds 15+ lbs of wet coffee grounds
  • Allows for stirring and resists tearing
  • Disposable 
  • Reinforced seams that won't separate
  • Fits brew buckets from 3 to 10 gallons

It's worth repeating: you'll never have to wash a cold brew filter again!  Since the cold brew filter is disposable, there is never a need to wash another nylon mesh, cotton or stainless steel filter.  Consider the time you will be saving if it takes an average of 5 minutes to properly wash, sanitize, dry and store other filters:

5 minutes to wash your old filter * 50 filters = 250 minutes wasted (over 4 hours!)

Factoring the hourly cost of that labor, these filters may save you enough money to pay for themselves!  What else could you be doing if you stopped wasting time washing cold brew filters?


Every filter comes with a food-safe cable tie to provide quick and easy closure of our filter bags, reliably secure the filter throughout the brewing process and impart absolutely no taste.


Accurate and reliable batch information is critical when cold brewing.  Our unique batch labels provide a space to record important batch information on a removable, water-resistant sticker.