Custom Pre-Filled Packets

Share your cold brew with the world!  

Your coffee, our filters, brewed anywhere, enjoyed everywhere. Allow your customers the convenience and flexibility of being able to brew your cold brew at home, in their offices and even when traveling!

Product Details: The filter packets will be approx 4.5" x 7" and hold 3oz of coffee each. This size fits in any pitcher or wide-mouth mason jar and makes roughly a half gallon. We are recommending that shops pack two packets in their current coffee packaging so it fits in with your current branding.

Pricing Details:

  • 400 lbs or 2,000 pre-filled packets for $1,600 ($0.80/packet)
  • 100 lbs or 500 pre-filled packets for $495 ($0.99/packet)
  • 40 lbs or 200 pre-filled packets for $240 ($1.20/packet)

Process Details:

Each run consists of 3oz cold brew packets filled with your ground coffee.  The process is as follows:

  1. You send us your ground coffee beans and coffee bags to put the finished packets in and the tracking information.
  2. We will weight, fill, seal, package and ship back to you.
  3. You promote and sell amazing pre-filled cold brew packets to your customers and raving fans.

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