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industry feedback

  • "It was fantastic! I loved using your filters. The process was clean and tidy and removing the bag was a piece of cake. I was surprised at how well it drained considering how thick the material is. Plus the flavor was excellent"

    RUBY Colorful Coffees

  • "I love the filters because they are so easy to work with, and I've made some delicious cold brew with them"

    Stone Creek Coffee

  • "The quality of the Alto filter is great. It is is much stronger than the traditional paper filter and does not rip when removing the contents after brewing, which is so nice!"

    Onyx Coffee Lab

  • "Saw a huge improvement from the mesh metal filter we used. The cup was so much cleaner and the sweetness really came through!" 

    Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

  • "The testing went great. You're filter keeps everything in contact, creating a strong concentrate.  Clean up was a breeze as well which was really nice" 

    Coava Coffee

  • "It definitely gave us a cleaner cold brew. I preferred it taste wise over the paper filters. I suspect it'd be ideal for SO cold brews"

    Verve Coffee Roasters

  • "We go through a ton of cold brew and we like the fact that we don’t need secondary mesh filters. That’s rad!"

    Dark Horse Coffee Roasters