Cold Brew Coffee Refractometer & TDS Meter

At Alto we believe in elevating the craft of cold brew. One of the greatest challenges in cold brew is understanding/ achieving consistency: How can you elevate if you don’t understand the consistency of the brew?

A TDS meter will assist with that by evaluating the strength of your cold brew, dial in your coffee recipe and know exactly what you are producing. Our Cold Brew Coffee TDS Meter provides an accurate way for measuring your beverages Total Dissolved Solid levels - giving you the confidence in knowing exactly what you are serving. (Will also work for hot coffee!)

Total Dissolved Solids is the measurement of particles in water. Or, how much coffee was extracted into the water. For cold brew, we believe the best range for TDS would be 1.6-2.20 depending on desired brew strength.

Included in the purchase:

- TDS Meter

- TDS Meter Case

- Dropper

- Battery + Instruction Manual 

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